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Here’s why it’s really really really really great.


Our Signature Course, hosted in a group coaching environment. Everything you need to start and grow your business.  

“From marketing to contracts to purchasing the right ultrasound system - AIC is an invaluable resource.”

- kenny, georgia

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"We made all the mistakes so our students don't have to." 

16 years ago we started our ultrasound business on a wing and a prayer. we *wish* we would have had the tools we teach our students, and its why we absolutely love what we do. 

- jennifer lindsey

Market Analysis + Business Plan Templates

module one

First things first, you need to know what the profit potential is for your business, what your market looks like and you need a business plan. We've got you covered!  A customizable Market Analysis and the tips and the websites to visit to grab the information you need to put it together and to know what you'll charge for your services. A customizable business plan and an overview of the profit and loss information for you to be able to gather the info you need to have a business plan for your company.


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module two >

Business Model Overview

module two

Next, we'll focus on how you should be setting up your business to be able to be as profitable as possible right out of the gate. A comprehensive business overview, so that you know exactly how your business should be structured and the laws and regulations governing mobile ultrasound services. We'll also look at some case studies to review how this actually works in practice.


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module three >

Incorporating Your Business

module three

In module 3 we go over the details for incorporating your business and reviewing the types of insurance you'll need to have for your business. We will look at what you need to know for your city, state, and the IRS when incorporating your business. Module 3 also reviews the types of insurance and the details on what specifics you need to ask for to ensure you're covered!


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module four >

Legal Overview

module four

Having an idea of how the laws are structured is imperative to ensure you not only explain it well with your physician clients, but that you can make certain things are set up correctly. We review the specific ways' they'll need to bill, how to bill if they're not reading their own studies, and give you an idea of how those contracts touch on each of these points.


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module five >

Agreement Overview

module five

With all the "legalese" the language in the main contract can be very confusing. We'll walk you through the contract to discuss what each section reviews, and the best way to explain it to your physicians. This will give you a leg up when you go in to discuss the agreements with your potential clients, as the legal side of this is likely one of the most confusing parts!


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module six >

Service Agreement Downloads

module six

You'll receive the main service contract which allows you to do business on a service fee basis with physician practices. BONUS: You'll also receive the required HIPAA contract to sign to cover you since you'll have access to the patient private health information, AND an additional staffing contract allowing you to provide services at nursing homes and hospitals. These contracts together would cost well into the tens of thousands of dollars and are all included for our students!


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module seven >

Business Model Overview

module seven

This module also highlights your partnership opportunities with interpreting physician vendors. Our students have access to our vendor list, and your physician clients will have the ability to partner with interpreting radiologists and cardiologists if they don't read their own studies. We also review the detailed basics of billing as well, so that our students know the ins and outs of billing within the required setup practices under the law.


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module eight >

The 5-Step Sales Process

module eight

Next, we'll detail Advanced Imaging's exclusive 5-Step Sales Process, showing you the exact steps we've taken to grow our mobile ultrasound business to over 200 physician clients and counting. You'll also gain access to our exclusive scripts and swipe files so that you know EXACTLY what to say and what to show when you step in front of those physicians, and best practices when working on getting through those gatekeepers to get access to the physician decision makers.


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module nine >

Market Branding

module nine

Students gain access to the exact handouts we use to show what services we can provide to the physician offices, along with detailed revenue analysis sheets and overviews on how to put these together to show your potential clients the financial benefits of utilizing your services. We believe it is so important to put your best foot forward when marketing your business, and that's why our Business Academy students work with our partner design team to create a logo, website, and customized marketing handout design. 


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module ten >

Goal Setting

module ten

Time Management and Goal Setting are critical for your new business. In this module, students will gain knowledge in mastering time management, effective scheduling, and setting strategic goals to move your business forward. 


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module eleven >

Growth Plan

module eleven

Next, we'll focus on your growth plan. Our strategic, step by step model delivers the EXACT number of prospecting calls, meetings, and each step of the sales process you need prospects fitting into to reach your business growth goals. Having a strategic plan in the growth and operations of your business is the only way to monitor how well you're doing, and to know exactly what to do next to move the needle.


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module twelve >

Starting a New Client

module twelve

Here, we review the paperwork and binders you should be presenting to your new client to make sure they understand exactly what needs to happen to make certain the services you provide in their office go off without a hitch. We also provide our students an overview of billing & coding in this module. Although your physicians are the ones billing, they'll likely have some basic questions to make sure they're billing correctly, and this will help you guide them. Students also gain access to the steps taken to record and invoice their physician clients each month.


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when you enroll, here is exactly what you'll be cracking open when the course goes live:

Customizable Market Analysis and Business Plan  (a $1500 value)
Business Startup and Operation Cost Details (a $150 value)
Revenue Potential, Service Pricing Suggestions, & Case Studies (a $750 value)     
Complete Detailed Business Model & Legal Review of the Structure (a $950 value)
How to Incorporate Your Business (a $150 Value)
Requirements for insurance coverage (a $75 value)
Service Agreement Contract crafted by healthcare attorneys (a $5500 value)
Business Associate Agreement that covers HIPAA requirements (a $750 value)
BONUS: Services Agreement for providing staffing and nursing home services (a $1500 value)
Legal overview of the business (a $250 value)
Contract Agreement review (a $150 value)
Vendor list with no minimums and exclusive student-only discounts (a $4500 value)
5 Step Sales Process detailed review with video training (a $2500 value)
Website design (a $1000 value)
Customized Logo (a $350 value)
Marketing Handout Design (a $250 value)
Time Management & Goal Setting Review (a $150 value)
Starting a New Client Details & Paperwork (a $750 value)
Billing & Coding Overview (a $250 value)
Detailed Strategic Business Growth Plan (a $1500 value)

whip out that calculator, that's a value of $22,975!

The Business Basics Starter Course is the place to begin when you're looking to grab the details on starting your mobile ultrasound business. From market analysis and business plan templates,  determining your charges to how learning how to incorporate your business, you'll be ready to get started on your dream of owning your own ultrasound business.

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Why learn from Jennifer & the team at AIC?

With nearly two decades of experience growing their own mobile business and helping hundreds of others, NO ONE in the industry has more experience. Jennifer and her partner have founded multiple successful businesses, and they believe that helping others realize their dream of entrepreneurship is one of the most important things they do. 

we can't wait to see you in class!

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