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Here’s why it’s really really really really great.


Research in one place.

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This eBook is full of the basics on what you'll need to know and prepare when looking to start your own business. 
If you've ever started researching this industry, you'll agree it is beyond confusing trying to connect the dots, and this eBook connects them for you so that you can begin to decide what your next steps should be towards business ownership!

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when you grab your ebook, here's what you'll find inside:

Business Basics - a list of the items you'll need to begin gathering and researching

The 4 Pillars - an overview of the 4 main sections of your business you'll need to concentrate on

Setup Basics - an overview of the recommended setup of your business to gain traction and reach profitability more quickly

Case Study - examples of how to charge your clients to create a revenue stream for both you and your physician clients

Funding Basics - items you'll need for starting up your business and ideas on the funding options most of our clients utilize                     

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come hang with me on instagram


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