“Advanced Imaging delivers, and continues to provide value.”

- Marc, idaho

OUR students SAY

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"I've tried to research to look into starting my own ultrasound business, but it's SO confusing I don't know where to look or how to find the details!"  We hear this statement on almost a daily basis. Let us help you put the pieces together!  
Take a look below to see some of the things we have been helping our clients navigate for almost two decades.

This is what you’ve been searching for.

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Here’s why it’s really really really really great.


Okay, ready to learn more?

Our Business Development Courses are THE way to start, grow, and operate your mobile ultrasound business at a fraction of the cost of doing it on your own. Saving our students
both time and money? Yes, please!
And, the best part? We walk you through it all, step by step.

Already have your own business, and just need some direction?
Yep, we do that too.

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sales & Marketing

legal agreements

incorporating your biz

From incorporating your company to learning the business model details - learn how to start your business.

Gain imperative knowledge, with access to legally compliant contract crafted by our healthcare attorneys.

Learn the exact sales process we've used to attract hundreds of physician clients - from finding physicians to closing the deal.

radiology & PACS

Our students have everything they need to provide quick access and next day report turn-around for their physician clients.

starting a new client

billing & Coding

business branding

Logo, website, biz card, stationary, and marketing material design, all branded and specific to your business.

Billing and coding is very complicated and confusing - we break it down so that you can help your physicians stay in compliance and get PAID,

Creating a seamless integration into your client offices is key to keeping them happy and excited about the new partnership. Students get access to paperwork and processes that are imperative when onboarding a new client.

employment docs

Bringing on employees is important, even for one-sonographer businesses to ensure you have coverage for illness, vacation, etc. Employment apps, contracts, and more for both techs and marketing reps for your biz.

personal coaching

vendor lists

client web portal

24/7 access to all courses, documents, etc so that you're always prepared with what you need at your fingertips.

Access to all of our favorite vendors -many with exclusive AIC student discounts - PACS, interpreting docs, supplies, and more.

We are in the trenches every day with our own mobile ultrasound business. NO ONE in the industry has more experience.

ultrasound equipment

AIC students have access to our wholesale pricing for ultrasound equipment to help you save even more on your startup costs.

Yes! Tell Me More!

Yes! Tell Me More!

come hang with me on instagram


come hang with me on instagram


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