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Group & 1:1 Coaching

If you're ready to have everything you need at your fingertips at a fraction of the cost of doing it on your own, all with a coach who's already "been there", then you need to take a look at our group and 1:1 coaching options.

Could you do this on your own? Yes. Would it take you twice as long and cost three times as much as Advanced Imaging's students? Absolutely, yes.

Our goal is to put all of your hard work and dedication to your new business to work in the right places with a tried and true plan that has students from all over the country saying "goodbye" to working crazy hours, taking call, living at the mercy of their corporate administration. 
The best part? You have lifetime access, so you can move at your own pace. And, we give our students advice on how to keep their current job while building their business, so that they can keep bringing in revenue until their own business is ready for them full time.

No one in the industry has more experience. Period.

Seeing people succeed at doing what they love is what we're all about.

In 2008 we took a leap of faith and decided to start a mobile ultrasound company. Having no sales experience, I knew we needed some guidance and decided to sign on with Advanced Imaging. They delivered beyond our expectations! Without them, we would not be the company we are today.
 I strongly recommend their consulting services!

“This was the best investment we could have made.”

- Ron, new york

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Here’s why it’s really really really really great.


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come hang with me on instagram


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